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One service that BNT Movers offers that other moving companies may not is our in-house moving service. In-house moving with BNT Movers is an affordable way to resolve the problem of rearranging furniture or moving heavy items around your home when you do not have the resources to do so on your own.

How Does In-House Moving Work?

Just call BNT Movers and let us know what you need to have moved. We'll give you an estimate of costs and we’ll schedule a time for the move. Our movers are friendly and courteous and happy to help with whatever items you need relocated — even heavy or oddly shaped items.

We'll show up promptly and get the job done efficiently, taking special care not to damage your items or your home. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind as we move your belongings.

Who Uses In-House Moving?

A wide variety of people can make use of in-house moving. If you are a differently-abled person who is not equipped to move furniture or other items, in-house moving can be extremely useful. If you are a senior or are recovering from an injury and moving heavy objects is not medically recommended, call us for help. If you're able-bodied but can't get someone to help, and you need to move something that requires two people, we're just a phone call away.

When to Consider In-House Moving Services

There are many instances when using in-home furniture movers, such as the professionals at BNT Movers, is the right decision. If you need to move heavy or oddly shaped items to another room or floor of your home, BNT Movers can help. We are experienced in moving specialty items such as bookcases, pianos, home gym equipment, televisions, computers, oversized furniture, appliances and other large or fragile items.

Our in-house moving services are also beneficial when you have items stored in your basement or attic that you want to move to one of your home's main rooms. If your basement is prone to flooding, you may decide it would be better to keep certain items in other areas of the house. Or, perhaps you have decorations stored in your attic that you put on display seasonally. Whatever the case, we can expertly navigate stairs, tight spaces and corners to move your belongings where you want them.

Home renovations also require a lot of furniture movement. Our in-house movers can shuffle belongings around your Scraton-area home to prepare your space before work begins or move items into place when the work is complete. If someone is moving into or out of your home, we can rearrange furniture to your specifications to accommodate the change.

Benefits of Using an In-House Moving Company

Hiring a professional in-house moving company makes rearranging your home a stress-free process. When you work with BNT Movers, you can benefit from:

  • Peace of mind: You can rest assured knowing that your possessions are in safe, experienced hands. As a fully licensed and insured business, we have you covered in the unlikely event of any damage.
  • Time-savings: Our team of Scranton in-home movers works quickly and efficiently. They know the best time-saving methods to move your belongings for a speedy process. You can also count on us to arrive promptly and work diligently to get things done.
  • No heavy lifting: Avoid straining your back or injuring extremities by leaving the heavy lifting to us. Our in-house movers are specially trained in proper lifting techniques to ensure a safe moving process.
  • No hassle: Working with BNT Movers is a straightforward, hassle-free process. We accommodate all your needs and move everything according to your exact specifications.
  • Saving money: Rather than investing in specialty equipment, bubble wrap, moving blankets and other moving materials, you can rely on BNT Movers to come prepared with all the essentials to move your belongings with ease.

With our specialized training and moving experience, we can provide the safe, reliable and efficient services you need. Rather than depend on family and friends who don't have professional moving expertise, use our services to make the process fast and stress-free.

How Can I Get In-House Moving Right Now?

Our in-home movers serve Scranton, Allentown, Milford, Daleville and many other locations throughout Pennsylvania. If you don't see your town on our list of service areas, ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives about your upcoming move.

We're happy to help you with your in-house move as soon as possible. Give us a call at 570-842-MOVE or contact us online today, and let us know what your in-house moving needs are. We'll be over to take care of things for you before you know it!

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