Storage Units Scranton PA

Storage Units in Scranton, PA

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American can expect to move about 12 times in their life. With each move, you are tasked with transporting all of your possessions to a new place — but that's not your only consideration. You also have to manage the transfer of furniture, decor, supplies and more from your old place to the new place.

Moving is never as simple as putting your current items into your new location. Your new place has a different layout, style and size, which may not fit perfectly with some of your possessions. Storage is an excellent solution for those items that don't fit but are still worth saving. Whether you need temporary or long-term storage in Scranton, PA, BNT Movers has an option to accommodate.

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Storage Solutions Near Scranton, PA

Data from the American Moving and Storage Association shows:

  • 82.7% of individuals move within the same state
  • 13.4% of individuals move to a new state/ zip code

Whether you're moving to Scranton from within state borders or across them, storage space can make your transition smooth. Safely pack away any of your belongings in one of our many storage options. No matter what type of items you need to store, call on BNT Movers first.

Our wide selection includes:

  • Climate-controlled warehouse storage
  • Personal self-storage units
  • Padded crate storage
  • RV and boat storage
  • Unit sizes to fit your needs
  • Storage lockers

To find an option, just let us know what kind of items you're looking to store. Once we know the size and number of your belongings, how fragile the items are and how long you expect to store them, we'll help you come up with the Scranton storage solution that's perfect for your needs.

Storage Units in Scranton, PA

If you have items you want to keep but you don't have room for them, BNT Movers has storage units to keep your items safe. We're happy to provide the services and solutions our customers need for the quickest, most efficient and successful moves possible.

You could hire a separate moving company and storage facility, but that is not as convenient as an all-in-one solution. You're already busy thinking about the move and settling into your new home or office — you don't need to correspond with two businesses on top of that. With BNT Movers, you can focus on what matters and know that your belongings are safe and ready to access when you need them.

Storage Units Scranton PA for Residential or Commercial Needs

Storage for Residential or Commercial Needs

Moving doesn't always mean taking everything from your current home or office and moving it into the new one. At BNT Movers, we understand there are a number of moving situations that might require storage space. These circumstances include:

  • Your new home or office is smaller than your old one and cannot accommodate all of your things.
  • You have furniture or other items that you planned to sell before moving, but you haven't had a chance to do that yet.
  • There is a delay between vacating your current space and moving into your new space.
  • Some of your current items do not fit with your new home or office layout or décor.
  • Part of your new home or office is still being renovated, and you need a place to store the items that will go into that area.
  • Your business is growing, and you need to declutter your office space to make room for more employees.
  • Your business has large equipment that you do not want to sell but need to relocate.

Whatever your reason for needing storage, what you don't need is to spend time and effort searching for a reliable, affordable storage solution at the same time that you are trying to move.

Self-Storage vs. Warehouse Storage in Scranton, PA

As a business, you may wonder whether self-storage or warehouse storage makes more sense for you. There are a few differences between these two storage types that could help you decide.

Self-storage typically gives you 24-hour access to a specific unit. You can open and rearrange your unit at any time without the need for advanced notice. These units have set dimensions you'd need to consider based on the items you want to store. A self-storage facility may not be climate-controlled, which could be a concern depending on your items.

Warehouse storage offers increased space and climate control, which can be great for large, expensive equipment. In contrast to self-storage, you may have to schedule an appointment to access your items in a warehouse. You'll want to consider how often you may need to access your items to help make your decision. In addition, warehouse storage may be more expensive than self-storage, depending on your items.

At BNT Movers, we offer both self-storage and warehouse storage, and we can help you decide what is the best fit. We care about your items and your budget, so you can trust you'll get the solution that truly works for you.


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When you put items into a storage unit in Scranton, PA, you want to know your unit won't be broken into or damaged. We understand that your personal and professional items are valuable to you, even if you need to keep them in storage for a while.

That's why we make sure when you use BNT Movers for your storage, we store all of your items in a clean, secure, climate-controlled unit so that they are returned to you in the same condition you left them. We treat your property with the utmost care, and we'll gladly put our storage capabilities up against those of the big self-storage companies.

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Storage Space in Scranton, PA

If you're not sure what to do with all those items that aren't ready to make the move, stress no longer. BNT Movers can take care of all your moving needs. That includes providing you with packing supplies, packing and moving your belongings and keeping anything you need in secure storage containers until you're ready to move it in.

As a fully licensed and insured moving company, we provide quality services you can trust. With nearly 15 years of experience in the business, we know the ins and out of moving and how to make the process go smoothly. To find out how you can arrange a move and get started with BNT Movers storage solutions today, contact us online or give us a call now at 570-842-6683. Alternatively, search "BNT Storage Units Scranton PA" to easily find us online!


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