3 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Move

If you've ever moved with a cat or dog, chances are good you know that it can be a stressful time for both of you. With so many changes in your routine and theirs, dogs and cats can start to feel uneasy. Moving means that scenery, smells and moods change — and this may signal a cause for alarm in your pet.

During a move, it's always best to remain calm, consistent and patient with your fur baby. To help you keep your pets safe — and relieve their anxiety — we've compiled some of our best tips to encourage your pet to adjust seamlessly to their new home.

Guide to Moving With Pets

Because your pet's behaviors are easier to correct than to reverse, it's best to start preparing for your move before the actual day arrives. To keep your pets safe before and during a move, try:

1. Preparing an Overnight Kit

It's essential to make a survival kit for your pet with things like kitty litter, toys and food. In all the commotion moving brings, you don't want to be searching for or accidentally misplace your pet's necessities when you arrive at your new home. Having a kit packed and set aside will go a long way in easing your anxiety and theirs.

2. Keeping Your Pet Safe in Your Vehicle

Tips for safe driving with cats or dogs in the car include:

  • Keep pets confined to the back seat
  • Use carriers for cats and crates for dogs
  • Keep all your pet's body parts inside the vehicle
  • Never leave your cat or dog alone in the vehicle
  • Bring treats and supplies
  • Stop at regular intervals to allow your pet to relieve their bladder outside

Once your pet is in your vehicle, try to keep them secured in their kennel until you get to your new home. If you open the kennel beforehand, they may run away or get lost outdoors, even if they're usually calm and well-behaved. Moving can cause stress in cats and dogs, prompting them to exhibit behavior that's not normal for them.

3. Making Sure Your Dog or Cat Is Secluded

During the move itself, the best way to reduce anxiety and unease in your pet is to keep them away from all the noise and clamor that packing entails. Whether you leave them at the kennel, with a friend or in a separate room while packing, it's crucial to keep them secluded when you're in the process of moving.

Other logistical things to keep in mind when moving with pets is to make sure you contact your vet so you can take any prescription medications or records with you. Also, make sure to update your pets' tags to reflect your new phone number and address. Taking care of the logistics will help you stay organized with all the things your pet may need during the transition.

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